Sir David Brailsford visit

Sir David Brailsford and Mr Emmerson watch students take part in a PE lesson

Sir Dave Brailsford, manager of Team Sky and former manager of Team GB, visited the academy last month to talk to our GCSE PE students about his experiences.

He took part in a question and answer session about how he became involved with competitive cycling and how he has overcome challenges.

Some of his most illuminating and widely useful advice was linked to his ‘marginal gains’ approach: small wins and constant improvements. He spoke to the students about creating smaller targets to achieve in order to progress, and Mr. Emmerson agreed that much of this philosophy was being replicated in the school. Students are encouraged to look back at their targets, and come up with areas for improvement, take ownership of their performance, and adopt ‘achieving’ behaviours.

In a follow-up article in The Telegraph, Mr. Emmerson reflected on how he adopted the idea of margin gains when setting up the academy, and still employs it now. The little things, such as opening our library both before and after school, offering a free breakfast, banning street language; all these things help create a recipe for success.

The full article about Sir David Brailsford’s visit can be found in the Sport section of The Telegraph from Friday 8 May. Search: City Academy Brailsford.

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