Duke of Edinburgh Message

Dear Parent or Carer


The Duke of Edinburgh assessed expedition is this weekend in Ashdowne Forest, Kent. We will be staying at Broadstone Warren Scout Camp, RH18 5JS; tel no: 01342 822573. Students are expected to be at school at 7.30am on Saturday 25th dressed ready to walk with their ruck sacks. We will arrive at Ashdowne, Forest, Kent (the same location we went to for their practice expedition) at approximately 10.00 am.  After a quick briefing, students will start their walks by noon.  On Sunday 26th of June, students will need to start their walk early and we aim to leave by latest 6.00pm once all the groups have returned. We will hopefully arrive back at school by latest 8.00pm.


Students have been given a ruck sack, roll mat and sleeping bag if they requested one. They will be given further equipment on Friday or Saturday morning at the campsite. They have all received a summer kit list and they must bring: a waterproof jacket; sunglasses; sun cream; sun hat that covers their face; refillable water bottles They should have discussed with their group members about what food they are bringing. If they pack light, the walk won’t feel that bad as they won’t be carrying too many things. They should wear walking boots/shoes – Timbaland boots or doc martens are good as they have ankle support.  They may wear trainers if they have nothing else.


As it is an assessed expedition, they will not have their phones once they start walking. Students will be allowed to use staff phones in emergency situations only.  Staff members also have all of your contact details in case of emergencies.

The weather forecast is fair, dry, but not that hot, around 18 degrees, so students should still bring some warm layers particularly for the night. The pollen count has been quite high recently. If your child suffers from asthma or hayfever, please make sure they bring their inhalers, antihistamine tablets, eye drops and nose sprays.  Also they will need to carry their own supply of paracetamol if they are prone to headaches etc. They should also bring a rain coat/mac.

They will be supervised by 8 teachers including myself and Mr Gallagher as well as staff from Expedition Support Services who will be tracking them using a GPS tracker. This is linked to the emergency services so they are very safe.

Ramadan – we encourage all students to take part in the expedition. Students may decide whether they wish to fast during the expedition or not.  If they are feeling unwell, dehydrated etc during the trip then we will give them advice about the best course of action that will ensure their health and wellbeing.  There is plenty of space for them to pray as well.

We are very much looking forward to the trip and hope that your child will take part in this great opportunity. I hear a midnight feast has been planned and that is exactly the sort of team building that the trip encourages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards

Ms. Tamufor