Winner of our Christmas Story Competition

Congratulations to Immy Sheaff who won the English Departments KS3 Christmas Story Competition.

A Christmas Story by Immy Sheaff

It was a bitter, icy evening in New York. Fifth Avenue was bustling with last minute shoppers and workers going home to their families. Carol singers sang on the corner, their voices nearly drowned out by the busy traffic and hectic streets.


Brad Channing walked briskly out of the imposing, glass building he worked in. Big black letters reading out, ‘Brad Channing advertisement’ loomed over the lights flickering out in in offices way up above other buildings. He pulled a hat over his gelled black glossy hair, and passed a homeless man begging for change on the corner. Brad looked at the beggar in disgust and kicked his dog out of the way as he passed. He walked up to an immaculately clean high-end white sports car, stepped inside and turned up his music really loud, blasting out all the other sounds around him. He screeched off, hitting the carol dingers with an icy wave of water as he skidded through a puddle at speed.


Brad opened the doors to the most beautiful penthouse in New York, a smile playing on his lips as he looked over an icy central park, a glass of champagne in his hand. He sat down on his couch reaching out to turn on his 53” TV. The news presenter droned on about various stories; Brad casually flipped the channels, returning to the same news programme he had been on before. The news presenter looked up and faced the camera, and said, “And this one’s for you, Brad Channing.” Brad felt a flip in his stomach, leaning forward to see if he’d heard right. “Yes, you heard me alright. I’m talking to you Brad, the man who cares for no-one. I bet you haven’t even opened your mail yet” He turned around; saw the small pile of Christmas cards that his cleaner had left on the side. He picked through them. Mum and dad, sister, aunt and uncle. He thought that was all. But there was one more. It was a party invite, but it wasn’t an ordinary website, it was from the past. It was an invite from an old friend on school, who had a party in sixth grade and brad was invited. Suddenly Brad became very light-headed, and then everything went black.


Brad woke up in a room full of ten year olds, running around and chatting excitedly. A grand Christmas tree was in one corner, candy canes and baubles hung from its fine thick branches.  His eyes scanned the room for some kind of reason why he might be here or what happened. A little boy, with gelled back black glossy hair, very similar to him was playing tag aggressively with some other kids. Something about that boy’s manner seemed so familiar. But he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Then suddenly it struck him. It was Brad Channing! It was him, the 10 year old version of him. He looked over as the small boy refused to apologise after pushing another kid over. For the rest of the time, he sat in the corner alone. Then that same darkness came again.


Brad turned to the TV in his apartment and the news presenter spoke to him again, “Feeling sorry yet?  No? Well here’s something that might change your mind.” A video streamed from a CCTV camera ion his office appeared on the TV. It showed his secretary Stacey, who Brad had made to work late on Christmas Eve. A single tear rolled down on his cheek when he saw her moist eyes reach out to the picture of her family on her desk. Brad felt the world go dark around him for the last time.


Brad woke up to the sound of a police radio crackle. He turned to see a group of policemen pick their way through his apartment. “This is officer Brookes at Brad Channing’s Park Avenue penthouse reporting in. Brad’s body has been found, he must have died about a week ago. It appears no-one was looking out for this guy. He died friendless and alone.” Brad turned and saw his own dead body slumped on the couch, TV remote in his hand.


That final scene broke him. Brad realised that he had to change his life. He stood up and ran over to his pantry, pulling out food and shoving it into a sack. He ran to the bedroom and filled another with blankets and clothes. Finally he grabbed his car keys and wallet and then he was out running down the stairs of his glitzy apartment block. He zoomed down the streets of New York, stopping abruptly at the corner of Fifth Avenue. He dropped off blankets and a huge wad of bank notes to the carol singers and beggar. Brad next jumped out of his car and run up to the only store still open on Christmas Eve. He came out 10 minutes later with a large number of shopping bags, food and toys spilling out of them. He ran into his office and grabbed Stacey, whisking her into his car and sped off down the road. Finally he arrived at Stacey’s house, her family ran out to meet her. Brad gave the children presents and her husband bags of food. Stacey smiled and invited Brad in, at that very moment Brad realised he never wanted to be alone again. Being nice to people was so much fun!