‘The odd disappearance of Jack and Jill’ by Frederick Kennedy, year 8.

Please join us in congratulating Frederick Kennedy for winning this half terms year 8 creative writing competition with his story ‘The odd disappearance of Jack and Jill’.

The Odd Disappearance of Jack of Jill

My name is Freya. I like even things, so numbers like 4, 68 and 9820. But, I hate odd things, especially half of 2. I can’t even say it. You may ask why but it’s simple, odd things are weird. My cat called Jack is a brown and ginger coloured cat and Jill is a black and ginger coloured cat. Both rescued from two different litters This my story of how Jack and Jill went missing … (they were found eventually).

It was 7:00 in the morning. I had come downstairs to pour myself 2 wheat-a-bix (I prefer it over any other small cereal, you can’t count those as easily but wheat-a-bix is easy to count) when I notice half of my 2 cats were gone. Only Jack was there. I didn’t name my cats after the boy and girl who climbed the hill, I named them that because Jack and Jill begin with the 10th letter of the alphabet. Like my name, Freya, that begins with the 6th letter. I was very disappointed that half of my cats were missing. And it was now 7:01.

I don’t like a lot of things but I like some things. I like eyes; I have 2 of them. My favourite food is cheese sandwiches. There the best because they have 2 bits of bread, 2 bit of butter (one on each side) then two bits of cheese. However, my favourite thing in the whole wide world is shoes. 2 of them, both next to each other on your feet, protecting you 10 toes and 2 ankles from the rain and sheer cold. Sometimes people think I’m shy because I don’t look them in the eye and at the floor but it’s just because I prioritise looking at my shoes before people.

At 7:20 I put on my shoes and went looking around the house for my missing cat. I looked in my room, I looked in my bathroom, I looked in every one of my 8 rooms and on the 2nd, 4th 6th, 8th and 10th of my steps. I looked out the window and saw my neighbour, Mr Porter. I don’t like him. He has half of 2 dogs, 2 plus half of 2 kids and always wears 2 different socks. Unfortunately, I would have to ask him if he had seen my missing cat.

I am 20 minus half of 2 and I don’t like being 20 minus half of 2. I can’t wait till I’m 20. I am counting down the even days till I am 20. I try to focus on the things that move up or down or to places. That’s why cats are my favourite animal. There Quiet. There fluffy. There can go places by them self. There sooo adorable. But dogs are the opposite. So I was really not looking forward to asking him if he had seen my cat.

At 7:40 I walked down the street stepping on even numbers of street paving and knocked on his front door 2 times. I looked down at my shoes but while I was admiring them a smiling pug came and blocked my view. I screeched. Mr Porter chuckled.

“Have you seen my cat?” I asked nervously,

“Not that I know of but me and little Rufus will let you know if we see him” he replied.

“Thanks” I mumbled.

Even though I appreciated his efforts, I hoped Mr Porter didn’t find my cat.

I get all my money from my Mum. She is 46 years old. She used to work for some famous director as an assistant director so she has a lot of money. I tried to count it once but it ended on an odd number so I don’t like my mum’s money anymore but she insists that she pay for my rent and stuff. When I was born my dad left. I guess he didn’t like my face, or my manor. My mum says he left because he couldn’t handle having a baby. I just think he like odd numbers.

At 8:00 I was home and checked on my remaining cat. But he was gone too. Now I had 0 cats. And 0 is my least favourite even number. I started to cry. I thought about bad things like dogs, odd numbers and half of 2. I heard a meow. I usually hate noise but this noise made me smile. It was coming from under the stairs, and I don’t like the cupboard under there but when I opened the door I giggled with joy. It was both my 2 cats sitting on a 2 patched rug cleaning and grooming over there litter of kittens. The best thing was, there was 6 of them.