Attendance guidance for parents and carers

Why is good attendance necessary at the academy?

Good attendance is essential if students are going to achieve their full potential. The City Academy, Hackney works with parents to ensure that we meet our attendance targets. Parents and carers play the most significant role in ensuring that attendance and punctuality are good.

The academy asks parents and carers to:

  • Refrain from organising family holidays during term time. The Principal reserves the right to refuse permission for students to be absent for a vacation. All requests must be made in writing to the Principal.
  • Contact the academy on the first day of absence, explaining the reason and the expected length of absence.
  • Write a note in the Student Planner for them to bring on the first day of their return.
  • Arrange medical and other appointments outside school hours where possible.

Students with poor attendance records are sanctioned in accordance with The City Academy, Hackney’s sanctions policy and students with habitually poor attendance are referred to Hackney Learning Trust.

The following sanctions will be given if students are continuously late for school in a half-term:

1st late = 20mins

2nd late = 1 hour

3rd late and any further late in that half-term = 2 hours

The following sanctions will be given if students are exceptionally late on any given day:

If a student arrives after 9am = 1 hour

If a student arrives after 9.15am = 2 hour


Absence line

If your child is going to be absent from school please call: 020 8525 5440 and select option 1.

Please be aware that appointments should not be made during school hours for students. If this is unavoidable please bring the appointment letter to reception before the appointment so that it can be copied. If a letter is not given to reception the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

More information about our policies on absence can be found in our Parent/Carer Handbook and attendance guidance booklet (see above).