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ePortal – a link to which can be found at the top of the page – is a valuable online portal, providing you with useful information regarding your child’s progress including: current levels, timetable, attendance, punctuality, rewards and sanctions. Please log in regularly to stay up-to-date and well informed.

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Your child’s progress throughout the year is reported each half term in the form of a level or grade. To make these levels, and the forecast progress more evident, traffic light colours are used to indicate whether they are below target, on target or above target. Subject-specific target levels/grades for the current year are listed on the right hand side.

We would, on average, expect students to make two sub-levels of progress per year, equivalent to two whole levels of progress across a key stage. For example, a student joining the academy in year 7 with a 4a in English would be expected to make two sub-levels of progress and end the year on a 5b, eventually completing Key Stage 3 on a level 6a. That said, many of our students’ rate of progress is well above the national average and is truly inclusive. See our Key Stage 3 results page for more information.


ePortal attendance screenshotGood attendance is essential if students are going to achieve their full potential. The City Academy, Hackney works with parents to ensure that we meet our attendance targets. Parents and carers play the most significant role in ensuring that attendance and punctuality are good.

An up-to-date record of our child’s attendance and punctuality can be found on ePortal including details of late arrivals, authorised and unauthorised absences. For more information, please refer to our attendance booklet on the Attendance page (see submenu, left).


ePortal behaviour screenshotHow are students encouraged to work hard?

The key to fulfilling our students’ potential is to ensure that learning takes places in a safe, inclusive and cooperative environment. The academy empowers polite, conscientious, disciplined and successful students who want to achieve. All members of the community know they are valued and can work, learn and teach without inappropriate disruption. Students must respect one another, respect the property of others and the environment, and follow the academy rules.

Both rewards (in the form of merits) and sanctions (in the form of detentions of varying length) are recorded on ePortal. Details and reasons for each can be found by clicking the appropriate links. Please refer to the Parent Carer Handbook for details of how students earn rewards and the academy’s expectations and rules regarding behaviour.