Our partnership with parents and carers plays a crucial role in ensuring students achieve at the highest level

Often parental involvement in a child’s education reduces when they reach secondary school. We are committed to ensuring that does not happen. Regular communication with parents in incredibly important to us.

The academy provides numerous opportunities for parents to visit the academy and meet with their child’s teachers and Personal Adviser throughout the year, including at our Parent Days (once per year) and during Consultation Weeks (twice per year). In addition, the academy, in partnership with our Parent Staff Association, offers a range of events designed to help our parents support their children.

Parent Day

Parent Day is when teachers are available to meet parents to talk about their child’s progress in specific subjects. Meetings start from lunchtime and run through until 8 p.m. which allows parents to plan around other commitments. Appointment dates and times will be posted to you in advance.

Your child must attend with you (in full uniform, with their planner) or it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

There are no lessons on Parent Days and the academy is closed to all other students.


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Consultation Week

Consultation Week is when parents meet with their child’s Personal Adviser to discuss their levels and progress, and set practical targets to support their learning across the curriculum.

Students will always have a target level they should be working towards recorded in the front of their exercise books, and targets set by their Personal Advisers are recorded both in your child’s planner and on ePortal – which is also the best place to track your child’s progress, attendance, rewards and sanctions.

Parents must attend the first Consultation Week appointment with their Personal Adviser and are invited to subsequent meetings each year. Personal Advisers should always be the first point of contact for parents.

There are no Additional Studies classes during Consultation Week as appointments are scheduled between 3.40 and 5.30 p.m.


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Parent Staff Association

The City Academy, Hackney’s Parent Staff Association (PSA) has one main aim – to help communication between the school and parents. Generally, parents are much less present in secondary schools than they are in primary schools. The PSA aims to open up the school to parents, so that they feel more in touch. It is good for parents to hear each other’s views of the school and we are able to put any concerns to the Senior Leadership Team.

The PSA runs two to three events a term, all meetings are informal and relaxed and last around one hour. Parents don’t have to commit to attend every meeting, they are welcome to attend and contribute as and when they are able.

We hold subject evenings, where parents can go to a lesson to experience the teaching at The City Academy, Hackney. We hold discussion evenings, a welcome reception for new parents, and invite parents to sample the catering once a year too. The PSA also runs a second hand uniform shop during Parent Days making donated items available at affordable prices.

The Chair of the PSA is Stephen Webster, contact him at stephen.webster@imperial.ac.uk

Upcoming PSA events

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For a complete list of upcoming events, visit our Events page.