SIMS tumb

Over the summer we have migrated our information management system from ePortal to SIMS.

This is a common form that most schools use and will allow us to develop a learning gateway similar to ePortal and applications or apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone giving you access to live information about your child including attendance, behaviour, homework and achievement.

Initially we will be launching the learning gateway to allow parent/carers access to SIMS, just like ePortal but more user-friendly, engaging and informative.

Unfortunately there have been some unforeseen issues with taking SIMS live to parents. As we want to give you the smoothest possible experience we have held back on sending out log in details.

Our support departments are working tirelessly to ensure that this happens as soon as possible and we will be contacting parents once we are confident with the integrity of the new system.

Your personal data is very important to us and we will continue to ensure that our procedure meet our stringent data protection guarantees.

In the meantime if you have any questions please contact

Yours faithfully,

Mark Malcolm