An enjoyable, challenging and relevant curriculum

The core purpose of the academy is to help students learn. We do this by developing comprehensive, detailed teaching and learning strategies that foster excellent academic progress.

The City Academy, Hackney ensures all students have the essential skills to achieve in later life and opportunities to excel in every subject. The academy provides:

  • a strong core curriculum that supports literacy and numeracy
  • a range of learning pathways to offer support and challenge the more able
  • innovative and stimulating learning experiences.

Key Stage 3 curriculum hours

Outstanding progress at Key Stage 3

Our students’ learning and progress are at the heart of everything we do and this is evident, not only in our ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted report, but also in the academy’s results.

All students follow a two-year programme in the core subjects and begin GCSEs in English, maths, biology, chemistry and physics in year 9. Foundation subjects are taught over three years, with the majority of students completing Key Stage 3 at the end of year 9. All students follow the national curriculum unless the academy (in consultation with students and parents) feels they would benefit from not doing so.

KS4 curriculum




Top attainment at Key Stage 4

All students study GCSEs in English, maths and science, and there is a wide selection of options across the remaining subjects. The vast majority of students follow the English Baccalaureate in Key Stage 4. Our GCSE options subjects include many of those taught throughout Key Stage 3 such as art, music and technology as well as additional choices including computing and economics.

GCSE Results
GCSE Options

Additional Studies and the extended day

The academy operates an extended day for all students; the libraries are open both before and after school and our staff offer a range of extra-curricular activities including our Additional Studies programme of enrichment classes, two evenings a week. The PE department also run sports clubs all year round alongside training sessions for the academy’s competitive squads both before and after school.

How are students supported?

The City Academy, Hackney values students’ well-being, their opinions and their achievement. All students are individuals and have a variety of complex needs. Students with special educational needs (SEN), those who are more able in a particular subject, and the majority of students who fit into neither of these categories all need support and challenge. All students have a Personal Adviser who meets with them regularly. Aspirational targets are discussed and agreed in partnership with parents.