The City Experience: opportunities to enjoy and achieve

Students at The City Academy, Hackney are taught in an environment that promotes academic, creative, sporting, linguistic, and personal achievement: this is the ‘City Experience’.


We will not compromise on students achieving exceptional levels of academic progress. We are rigorous in our teaching whilst ensuring that we engage students’ interest and inspire them to achieve the highest academic standards. Behaviour is exceptional, classrooms are focussed and students are required to complete their classwork, and the regular homework we set them, to the best of their ability.


Creative learning experiences are promoted across all subjects and the creative subjects themselves are highly regarded in our school. Every student has access to a wide range of creative opportunities through the formal curriculum, Additional Studies, trips, concerts and productions. In addition, every student in year 8 is given access to free musical instrument tuition, funded by our joint sponsor, KPMG.


Our commitment to healthy lifestyles means that we encourage wide participation in sports and fitness. We have regular fixtures for all sports teams ranging from football to netball, taekwondo to trampolining. Students take pride in representing the academy and the academy takes pride in nurturing their individual talents and collective success.


Speaking another language is an invaluable life skill in the 21st century, globalised economy. For that reason every child is expected to study at least one foreign language and they are all given the opportunity to travel to Spain or France as part of their studies; these trips are subsidised by our joint sponsor, The City of London Corporation, widening access to an enriching education.


We believe that academic success and the wider personal development of students go hand in hand. Any school should play a vital role in allowing students to develop a range of wider personal attributes which will help them to succeed in later life. The academy places a great deal of importance on politeness, kindness, responsibility and respect. We promote these values through our high expectations.

Music Academy

Applications for years 7 – 11 are now open for The City Academy, Hackney’s Music Academy. The deadline for the applications is the 21 April. Year 6 parents will receive more information about this in their admissions pack next term.

Music Academy letter can be found here.

The application form can be downloaded here.