For additional information regarding academy policy, please refer to our Parent/Carer Handbook or contact the academy should you require further clarification or would like to be sent a copy of a policy listed below.

Statutory policies

Non-statutory/Other policies

  • Anti-bullying
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour Improvement Pathway (included in Parent/Carer Handbook)
  • Child Protection
  • Complaints Procedure (included in Parent/Carer Handbook)
  • Curriculum
  • Expectations and rules (included in Parent/Carer Handbook)
  • Family-Academy Agreement (included in Parent/Carer Handbook)
  • Gifted and Talented provision
  • Homework
  • How to present written work
  • ICT for Learning
  • Literacy
  • Lunchtime Arrangements
  • Marking
  • Parental Communication
  • Prefects
  • Rewards
  • Safeguarding and promoting student welfare
  • Schemes of work and lesson plans
  • Sex and relationship education
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Student daily equipment
  • Student induction arrangements
  • Student roles and responsibilities
  • Teaching and learning quality assurance
  • Uniform