Student Leadership

The academy encourages students to play an active part in their school and wider community through a wide range of volunteering, student voice and leadership opportunities including: our Sixth Form Student Leadership Group; a Student Council, with representatives from all year groups; Prefects; elected House Captains; and our end of term survey.

Student Leadership Groups

Year Student Principal Student Vice Principal
2017/18 Grace Revill Jonjo Matthews-Murray
2016/17 Grace Revill Jonjo Matthews-Murray
2015/16 Olivia Lawrence-Watson Duy-Anh Hinh & Dizem Kurucan

Much like our Student Council in the lower school, our Student Leadership Team – including a voted-in Principal and Vice Principal – represent our Sixth Form and meet regularly with our Head of Sixth Form to discuss student life and areas for development.

Year Head Boy Head Girl
2017/18 Agit Karatas Savannah Kanu
2016/17 Lamin Tarawally Lediana Doku
2015/16 Matteo Fernandes Grace Revill
2014/15 Darnell Smith Sarah Marquardt Dos Santos Da Silva
2013/14 William Bradford Amani Banemeck
2012/13 Sakib Ali Luz Edwards
2011/12 Elton Cas Chamaria Allen

Having completed their year as a Prefect in Year 10 and/or House Captain, two students are selected on merit as Head Boy and Head Girl for the following September. The Head Boys and Head Girls are recorded on our Honours Board in the academy foyer.


House Captain Vice Captain
Aldgate Camille Mackay Tae-Jean Grierson
Ludgate Dan Tran James Bukola
Moorgate Ufuk Turus Mariya Hussain
Newgate Emmanuelle Zole Esther Bamigboye


Aleyna Albayrak
Rachelle K.K. Bah
William Green
Glediano Ndreu
Kai Ogden
Ashraf Rashid
Julia Sinchukovskyy
Bailey Sonmez
Fynn Bearfoot
Alfred Duchars
Shakira Hepburn
Krupali Vassantcumar
Aylin Yuliyanova
James Bokola
Aashiq Dina
Marlow Depeza-Purvis
Arlinda Gashi
Momeen Najmi
Kirie Richards
Kenelia Powell
Evelyn Sophia Araujo-Flores
Zainab Abbas
Layla Blake
Noah Elsner
Sarah Louaka
Liliana N'Fade
Bethany Robinson
Linus Sheaff


Name Year Group
Yahya Ali 7
Elizabeth Angura 7
Hamza Amara 7
Isaah Abubakar 7
Jayden Agbaim 7
Kemar March 7
Tarvinder Wanti 7
Tasnem Ali 7
Demi Bollen 8
Imogen Sheaff 8
Jiri Loveless 8
Kaya Sahintepe 8
Paramveer Singh 8
Rahim Latif 8
Shahria Uddin 8
Sila Eris 8
Max Howard 9
Jake Hodkinson 9
Ruby Andrews 9
Zainab Abbas 10
Aashiq Dina 10
Esma Kartal 10
Evelyn Araujo – Flores 10
James Bokola 10
Maria Coker 10
Ramzay Bah 10
William Green 10
Yasmin Ismail 10
Esther Kalusi 11
Alfie Carter 11
Benedit Belato 11
Erem Sahintepe 11
Mimi Davies – Author 11
Camille Mackay 11

Our Student Council – representatives from the four Houses – meet once a month to discuss student-led issues and ideas for the academy’s improvement and development. The Council also conduct lesson observations and feedback their conclusions to the Senior Leadership Team as part of an ongoing cycle of evaluation and review.

The Student Council also leads on annual fundraising projects for a charity of the year chosen by our students.