Students must wear correct uniform at all times. This includes on their way to, at, and on the way home from the academy. It is a symbol by which students are recognised within the community and it fosters a sense of pride for, and respect of, the learning environment.

All students must wear full school uniform and present themselves in a professional manner.

For a detailed list of uniform items required, appropriate hairstyles, and items that are not allowed at the academy, please refer to our Parent/Carer Handbook.

Acceptable styles of shoe

Students at The City Academy, Hackney must wear shoes that reflect our ethos of professional standards. We do not allow Kickers nor anything with labels, motifs or branding. As stated in the Parent/Carer Handbook, all students must wear plain black, leather, polishable school shoes.

The images below are suitable styles:

Black boys shoe 1 Black boys shoe 2 Girls flat shoe Girls shoe 1 Girls shoe 2

Cold Weather Clothing

Please note all cold weather clothing, excluding the CAH hat which is grey, must be plain black.

Uniform shop

Uniform must conform to the uniform policy and must be purchased from our supplier: Trutex, 31 Broadway Market, London, E8 4PH.

In addition, our Parent Staff Association run a second hand uniform shop selling a range of items including blazers and PE kit. Second hand uniform sales usually take place during Parent Days and Consultation Week.

Lost property

All lost property goes to reception. Labelled uniform is returned to students; any unlabelled items are kept for one full term before being given to the second hand uniform shop run by our Parent Staff Association, or donated to charity. Other identifiable items can be reclaimed from reception. Please ensure your child’s uniform is clearly labelled.