This Week @CityAcadHackney

Top row from left to right:

  1. Samba time in Ms Jones’ class
  2. Revision skills: Students create science revision cards in Ms Bajraktari’s class
  3. Year 8 reincarnated: Ms Wurfbain’s class runs in the playground to understand the Hindu concept of reincarnation
  4. Sixth Form students hard at work in their 3D Design exam

Middle row from left to right:

  1. Ms Roberts help Isaiah prepare for his Jack Petchey speech
  2. Student led learning – explaining compound shapes in year 7 maths
  3. Sixth Form students prepare for their upcoming Duke of Edinburgh expedition
  4. Ms James’ year 10 English class think about the structure of a non-fiction exam paper playing splat

Bottom row from left to right:

  1. Exam skills in action: Lisa demonstrates the art of application
  2. Ms Evans focuses her year 9 class with breathing exercises
  3. Denzel and Setorio conducting an experiment with Mr Brown and Ms Motyer
  4. Elizabethan dancing is all the rage in Mr Howard’s class.